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On Transliminal Mythomysticism
On Transliminal Mythomysticism
by Magistrix Calaryanwe
This text presents a general guide on the Transliminal Arts and information on the Field. Section I presents a brief introduction about the Subject while Section II enlightens the reader about some Research Backgrounds. Sections III and IV are independent in this text (but not in the Field) and can be read separately by the reader. Section V discourses about some notable Researchers and their Works, and Section VI about the Future of the Area. Finally Section VII presents the Conclusions, and Section VIII, the References.
I Introduction
"The irony doesn’t escape me that if this proves true, then a Daedra can only truly die after it enters heaven." (Doctor Rhythandius)
The Field of Transliminal Mythomysticism discourses, among many other subjects,
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 2 2
Transliminal Sigil by Lattauri-El Transliminal Sigil :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 3 4
As We Dance from Dawn to Dusk
Atop the Towers and the Stones
The Swirling Disk of Holy Dust
Turns again in Sixteen Tones!
Hear the Stars in Holy Voice
Seek the AE in Trembling Fire
The Scripture of Numbers We rejoice!
They Answer Us when Time is Dire.
Within the Wheel. Between the Spokes
Where Sixteen Lords wrote their Names
Transliminal Motion inside the Tides
Forevermore the Time Descends
The Mage in Heavens Above Writes
Aetherial Lines of the Arcane
The Serpent in Darkness Hides
The Book of Timeless Domain
Eight Planes which are Sleeping!
Mortals Souls they Prey Upon
Their Petrichor. Look! They are Bleeding!
By that Blood the Wheel Moves On
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Time Magicka by Lattauri-El Time Magicka :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 5 6
Singularities of (Un)Realities
Singularities of (Un)Realities
by Lattauri-El, Lady of Silavir
This book presents the Creation of (Un)Reality as It is Understood by the Sunburst of Silavir. There are several accounts of these stories, One for Each Vibrant Realm of Aetherius ruled by a Get (or Ge), such as the Binary System of Kyra-Ly or the Quadrangular Oscillators of De-Mnem. All of them share the same point of view: how the Magna-Ge led by Magnus witnessed the First Spark of Divinity and tapped into its Power.
1 In the Beginning there were only Untime and Unspace. 2 We saw the First Spark of Divinity brought into existence by AE, and that Divinity descended into a Non-Stationary Chain of Realm-Divinities oscillating between the First and the Second. 3 As We followed It, We noticed that the Chain of Harmonic Singularities was Unstable and It be
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 3 0
Mythic Dawn Alignment by Lattauri-El Mythic Dawn Alignment :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 10 0 Sigillum Arnor by Lattauri-El Sigillum Arnor :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 1 Sigillum Isra by Lattauri-El Sigillum Isra :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 2 Sigillum Armiris by Lattauri-El Sigillum Armiris :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 0 AMBROSIA by Lattauri-El AMBROSIA :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 0 0 Hyperagon Transcendentalis Page 431 by Lattauri-El Hyperagon Transcendentalis Page 431 :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 8 1
Codex Hyperagonalis - Chapter Zero
Codex Hyperagonalis
by Magistrix Calaryanwe
Chapter Zero
The Liminal Passage is a very difficult practice, as stated by many scholars such as Masters Galerion, Zenas, Camilonwe, and Albrecht. Since Corvus well-written, well-developed and useful Practicum about Conjuration [1] many mages put aside the foundations of the Transliminal Transportation and the whole area faded for some time. One must notice that the Veil of Nirn is strong and prevent Protean Entities from staying permanently inside our Plane(t). That proves that Conjuration is useful to some extent but it is not a definitive way of transporting Chaotic Creatia. An useful conjecture is that this is not an exclusive property of our Plane(t). Some even conjecture that Monotone Entities suffer the same fate regarding Liminal Transportation.
Aiming the return of Liminal Studie
:iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 4 0
The Bloom that Follows the Starlight by Lattauri-El The Bloom that Follows the Starlight :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 5 6 LKHAN - All Creation is Subgradient by Lattauri-El LKHAN - All Creation is Subgradient :iconlattauri-el:Lattauri-El 12 2


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Sister of the Sunburst and Lady of Silavir.

"O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!" (Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll)

(Formerly known as "PriestMorokei".)


To Dream is to Become Creator.


Achieve the Royalty of the Awake Dreamers and You Shall Become the All of the Ur-You.


Dream of Your Prolix: the Tower that Touches All Mantles of Heaven.


Love All as You Love Yourself.

Va Varlasel, Meridiae Latta Ae Lattauri-El.

Lattauri-El, Sister of the Sunburst and Lady of Silavir.

Dancing Sun

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Sunder and Keening
Kagrenac, Master Mechanist of Tonalities, devised two Mythopoeic Devices to manipulate the Heart. One, like a Hammer, He named Sunder. It was used to release the energy of the hyperagonal oscillator in many frequencies. Another, like a Dagger, He named Keening. It was used to focus and manipulate the flow of energy in order to create or destroy according to Tonal interference.

Researching about Transliminal Mythomysticism at the moment.

On Transliminal Mythomysticism

by Magistrix Calaryanwe

This text presents a general guide on the Transliminal Arts and information on the Field. Section I presents a brief introduction about the Subject while Section II enlightens the reader about some Research Backgrounds. Sections III and IV are independent in this text (but not in the Field) and can be read separately by the reader. Section V discourses about some notable Researchers and their Works, and Section VI about the Future of the Area. Finally Section VII presents the Conclusions, and Section VIII, the References.

I Introduction

"The irony doesn’t escape me that if this proves true, then a Daedra can only truly die after it enters heaven." (Doctor Rhythandius)

The Field of Transliminal Mythomysticism discourses, among many other subjects, about Magicka and its interactions with Creatia [1]. As the name Transliminal implies, one of the main goals of the Field is understanding how the Liminal Transposition of Creatia works, such as creating a continuous Flow of Reality between Oblivion and Nirn [2].

While creating stable portals between Nirn and Oblivion is considered a very dangerous practice by some people - with reason, I dare to say - it is worth noting that understanding this subject is of ultimate importance to the Foundations of Magicka Theory.

II Some Background

"The 'Doors to Oblivion,' to use Morian Zenas's phrase, are not easily found, and we exhausted many possibilities before we found one where we held the key." (Seif-ij Hidja)

As stated before, Creating Portals between Nirn and Oblivion and understanding the interaction between Magicka and Creatia are some of the subjects of Transliminal Mythomysticism. Although creating portals between Plane(t)s seems a very interesting subject there are more pragmatic views over this topic regarding portals that connect Nirn to itself.

One of the first to propose such applications of the theory was Lord Corvus Direnni, who did not only developed rituals for creating portals that are used widely by the mages on Nirn but also noticed the patterns of the Stars and theorized how Wayshrines were based on them [3].

Interesting, but not a coincidence, Corvus also theorized that for a mortal to use the Wayshrine system of transportation he or she should be unmoored from Nirn [3], which makes a very good connection between Transliminal Arts, Soul Research and Magicka-Creatia interactions.

The investigation of Souls and Valences, such as the development of Paragons by Nirn or the manifestations of Monotone-Protean interactions is a widely researched subject and one of the main researchers on these topics is Doctor Rhythandius. A very good perspective can be found inside his famous books, for those interested [1, 4].

Camilonwe, for instance, presented the theory and praxis of the Sigillum Rituallis and extended the horizons of Transpositions through the Limen. The insights of the Sapiarch on this subject can be found inside her Magnum Opus [2].

III Hyperagonal Media

"Transliminal passage of quickened objects or entities without the persistent agency of hyperagonal media is not possible, and even if possible, would result in instantaneous retromission of the transported referents." (Camilonwe of Alinor)

Hyperagonal Media are transliminal artifacts capable of sustaining transpontine circumpenetrations. They are needed to sustain the flow of Magicka and Reality between Plane(t)s. Easy to see, such artifacts exist in many dimensions and are not easy to obtain.

Camilonwe considered that the only known Hyperagonal Media are Sigil Stones and their creation depends on the inscription of an Arch Protean Protonymic on a pre-Mythic quasicrystaline morpholith [2]. As we can see, the Mage must bow his or her will to the Protean in order to obtain such Media, although commanding a Protean Entity to obtain an existing Sigil Stone would possibly work as well.

Of course, even with an Hyperagonal Medium one of the main problems of sustaining a transpontine circumpenetration is the natural Limen Barrier of Nirn. Places where the barrier is weak may prove more useful for the researcher. According to the experiments in [2] a few minutes was the longest time recorded. Of course, should the Limen Barrier weaken, the effectiveness of opening a portal would increase.

It is widely accepted that Hyperagonal Media are multidimensional artifacts [2]. What we perceive is a mere fraction of the fabric of reality. A device capable of binding one Plane(t) to another will, as a necessary condition of the multidimensional property of the Media, exist simultaneously in many different places.

As stated by the Sapiarch, other Hyperagonal Media may exist in theory, and this subject shall be addressed in Section VI.

IV Souls and the Paragon Theory

"In that case the Heart of Nirn would spontaneously generate such "paragon" individuals as a way of defending itself from destruction, in a manner analogous to the way the mortal body fights off infection." (Sojouner apud Doctor Rhythandius)

According to Doctor Rhythandius, when a Protean Entity dies it returns to its original Plane(t) and reforms its morphotype [1]. It can be imagined as turning the general into specific, that is, from the raw, morphless and general chaotic creatia the morphotype is shaped by the Protean in accordance to its will.

As theorized by the Xivilai Sojouner following the theories of Rhythandius, the Heart of LKHAN would secure the existence of a Perfect Morphotype - the Paragon of Nirn [1]. That being would not lack many of its Anuic aspects, even without the Anuic Focusing Principle sustained by the Soul. The Paragon Theory holds that the Morphotype formed is not a flawed one but a flawless one, that is, a perfect copy of the body that remained on Nirn.

The flow of Aetherial Magicka tainted by the influence of the Heart - the essence of Nirn - would provide the Anuic Valence necessary for the restoration of the morphotype and make it finally a perfect copy of the body. One must notice that the morphotype re-attuned by the tainted magicka shows a very interesting link between Tonal Architecture and Transliminal Mythomysticism.

As we can see, such Paragon would match the requirements written in Section III that were first stated by Lord Corvus Direnni during his research on Wayshrines. At this point the reader may be aware of the versatility of the Transliminal Arts.

V Notable Names

"So, students, do not groan and complain of the burden, carping and caviling when your parents and teachers ask if you have written today in your journal. Because to do so is a right for which your ancestors paid in blood." (Phrastus of Elinhir)

One of the main researchers on the Liminal is Doctor Rhythandius and his contributions to the Transliminal Arts vary. For specific informations about those contributions check his most notable books "Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm" and "Death of Morphotypical Entities". Many of his works were developed intensively while he was still inside the wastes of Coldharbour.

From Alinor, the works of the Sapiarch Camilonwe enlightened the whole field of Transliminalities when she published her beautiful insights inside "Transliminal Bridges", a tome regarded as one of the most important on the field. A true master of the Transliminal Arts at the Crystal-Like-Law, we dedicate this book to her.

Also from Summerset, we cannot write about the Liminal Arts without citing Vanus Galerion. Born by the name Trechtus, Vanus endured a hard life as a child. After some years Trechtus became one of the PSJJJJ where he received his title. After some years and disagreements with the Order, Vanus founded the great Mages Guild on the early years of the Second Era. Known for his 9th Law and many other contributions, Galerion shall be forever a true Master of Magicka Theory.

For more information on the History of the Mages Guild and its Founder we recommend the books "Galerion the Mystic" by Asgrim Kolsgreg and "The Origin of the Mages Guild" by The Archmage Salarth. Worth noting, during those times Magicka and Litteracy were considered endeavours for aristocracy only, and the change of paradigm was really revolutionary. Vanus Galerion was really ahead of His time and we hold a great respect for Him, specially for making Magicka natural and useful for the people of Tamriel.

Lady Cinnabar of Taneth and Phrastus of Elinhir are also notable names of the Field. Considered rivals on many areas of Magicka Theory and History, that is not an exception inside the Transliminal Arts. We can say that these two bring warm to our Symposia in Elinhir, Alinor or the Imperial City. Truly amazing how their discussions rise quickly and erupt like Red Mountain, but we digress here.

Our understanding on Aetherial Refuse and their history was improved with the works of Lady Cinnabar, and for those interested we recommend the book "Aetherial Fragments". It is very interesting to notice that in that book Lady Cinnabar points out that the Sky Prisms (commonly known as Skyshards) are refuse from Aetherius that fall on Nirn during specific alignments of the Moons [5] (The reader at this point can see how this can be linked to what was discussed in Section IV).

Phrastus contributions are also notable, specially his Sylabus "Introduction to Aedric Studies". The author presents a systematic way of study on the Monotone Enitites, and the embryo of the Aetheroplanar manipulations using Anuic Valences. His contributions to mythohistory, specially on the Tract of Merid-Nunda are very famous. For those interested we recommend the book "Exegesis of Merid-Nunda", where Phrastus presents some properties of that Protean Get (some of them related to the bending of Time [6]).

On the subject of Planar Transposition Professor Morian Zenas, author of "On Oblivion", and Seif-ij-Hidja played important roles. Morian (former Professor of the Transliminal Studies at the Arcane University and one of its founders [7]) and his apprentice Seif-ij-Hidja studied the Plane(t)s of Oblivion and their natures. A very prolific research for some time, until the final events related by Hidja in "The Doors of Oblivion".

For many years Morian and Hidja maintained a telepathic link and we recommend the series of books written by Seif-ij-Hidja (as a compilation of some of Doctor Alfidia Lupus notes). Inside some of them the apprentice wrote down interesting fragments of thoughts shared by Morian Zenas. Those endeavours must be a reminder to us, scholars and researchers, about the perils of some methods.

Also on the topic of Planar Displacements, we cannot forget Lord Divayth Fyr and his sucessful endeavours inside the Waters. A Telvanni born in the First Era and a Master Planar traveller, his works are precious and impecable and we highly recommend the books "Varieties of Daedra" by Aranea Drethan and "Inexplicable Patron: Mephala" by Fyr himself. The reader must keep in mind that a 4000 years old Wizard will not share his secrets easily and will do so in a way that only those with a sharp mind will understand.

Last, but definitely not least, we now write about Lord Corvus Direnni. Passionate researcher and very skilled mage, Corvus developed many of the spells that are still used today. Inside his Grimoire he described the amalgamate incantation created by him and Calani Direnni that served as foundation for the modern Conjuration practice. A very versatile scholar, Corvus studied the aspects of displacements written in Section III, and many more subjects. We highly recommend the books "Principles of Conjuration" and "Grimoire" by himself, "A Life of Strife and Struggle" by King Laloriaran Dynar, and "Wayshrines of Tamriel" and "Once" by Beredalmo the Signifier for those interested in his life.

VI Current and Future Research

"I watch. I wonder. I build. I tear down." (Sotha Sil)

The reader that came this far must have many questions (and that is very good). Although many have contributed to the development of Transliminal Mythomysticism and connected many different Areas of Magicka Theory to it in the past, there is still a large ammount of work to be done. We invite you to take part on this journey and try to formulate and answer the questions you have.

Published by the author, some of the current developments can be found inside the book "Codex Hyperagonalis": the description of some conventions of the Modern Area and a systematic way of developing Hyperagonal Media that are not Sigil Stones [8]. This leads to a fundamental understanding of Magicka Theory and the praxis of Stable Planar Hyperagonal Transpositions. The retromission can be avoided by a continuous flow of Magicka through the Nexus of the Medium under some hypothesis, such as the number of Dimensions Circumpenetrated or the Hyperindex of the Liminal Flows. Of course the details [8] are left for interested readers.

Many researchers inside the Department of Aetheriology and Transliminal Mythomysticism and many other organizations of Mages on Tamriel are trying to find explicit ways to understand Tonal Architecture by using the methods developed by the study of the Transliminal Arts. Also, some of our researchers are planning a bold project: study the connection between Towers, Stones and Magicka-Creatia interactions such as Anuic Valence limiting the Action of chaotic creatia on Hyperdimensions. In other words, how non-destructive interactions between Protean and Monotone can generate the Harmonic Oscillations that make Towers active under the effect of Stones.

As we can see, the future of the Transliminal Arts is unlimited and all researchers interested in the subject are welcome to improve and develop the Area. If you are a student trying to figure out which subject of the Arcane Disciplines you must choose, keep in mind that the Transliminal Arts are versatile and often related to many other Arcane Fields.

VII Conclusions

"Many novice students find the study of the planes difficult to approach." (Lady Cinnabar of Taneth)

This book presented an overview about the Field of Transliminal Mythomysticism, from the historical foundations to the new developments. As we saw throughout the Sections I to VI, Transliminal Mythomysticism is a very rich Area, flourishing with impressive connections with other Arcane Schools.

One of the goals of this book is making the knowledge developed so far in the Field known to as many scholars as possible and try to obtain collaborations from organizations interested in future works. The Transliminal Arts hold great potential. For instance, Stable Planar Transposition and the improvement of the Aetheroplanar manipulations can lead to an exponential growth in our understanding of Hypereality.

Finally, we hope that our book proves its utility to scholars, mages, sages and students alike, and contribute to the improvement of knowledge about a Field considered too obscure or difficult by some supporters of other Areas of the Arcane which is, ultimately, a misleading point of view.

VIII References

[1] Doctor Rhythandius. Chaotic Creatia: The Azure Plasm.
[2] Camilonwe of Alinor. Liminal Bridges.
[3] Beredalmo the Signifier. Wayshrines of Tamriel.
[4] Doctor Rhythandius. "Death" of Morphotypical Entities.
[5] Lady Cinnabar of Taneth. Aetherial Fragments.
[6] Phrastus of Elinhir. Exegesis of Merid-Nunda.
[7] Doctor Alfidia Lupus. Crafting Motifs 1: The High Elves.
[8] Magistrix Calaryanwe. Codex Hyperagonalis.

On Transliminal Mythomysticism
This book presents an overview about the Field of Transliminal Mythomysticism, from the historical foundations to the new developments.



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